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Got Weird Art? Definitely!
We got Audre's Weird Art.

This place is full of the weirdest art, weird art, and weird arts too! It's got audre's art, done by audre, really, it's all been done by audre using mostly digital graphics tools. audre really likes making weird art, in fact audre is pretty weird but enjoys it too much to change now. audre hopes you enjoy her weird art gallery as much as she enjoyed making it all!
This is the homepage of audre's Weird Arts gallery. audre's weird art gallery is filled with a very weird collection of art ranging from traditional media to computer creations and creations that use fractals and other unlikely elements all mashed together. within audre's weird art gallery you will find not only graphics done for love of it, but also for business and music industry clients as well - things like cd cover art, book cover art, magazine illustrations, and illustrations of all types. you will also find business cards, corporate identity, logos, user interfaces, windows backgrounds, free seamless tiles, free computer wallpaper, and web page designs. it's really worth a visit if you enjoy a good adventure! words relating to the content of this site are: fractal, fractals, fractal art, fractal repeating tiles, fractal mandalas, mandala, fractal mandala, bizarre, exotic, extraordinary, marvelous, mysterious, novel, oddball, peculiar, puzzling, quaint, queer, rare, remarkable, singular, strange, unconventional, unexpected, unique, unorthodox, unusual, wonderful, audre, audra, audrone, fractals, fractal art, weird art, art, wierd-art, art gallery, freaky-fractal, freaky-fractals, digital, digital art, fractal, fantasy, fantasy art, lightjet, tee shirt, t-shirt, teeshirt, photographic, photographic art, photoshop, xenodream, ultrafractal, poser, bryce, Cyber, strange, wierd, weird, cool, awesome, fantastic, cybermedia, studio, kpt, warp, Audre Vysniauskas, free wallpaper, free desktop, poster, elf, dragon, horse, photo, gif, jpg, strange, ecclectic, fantastic, bizarre, portfolio. okay look folks, isn't there enough stuff written about audre lorde? i mean cripes... go to goodle and do a search for audre, what do you get?? you get a zillion pages about audre lorde. i mean how much can you need to hear about any one person? okay okay,